Thursday, March 07, 2013

Tech wreck

They sometimes that things go wrong in threes.  Not sure about the truth of such statements because I seem to have an ongoing stream of tech based niggles.  This week so far

1) My (rather excellent) 4G wireless hotspot gadget is winding me up. It regularly shows its own web page (which comes up when it cannot get a connection) which shows the connection type and strength.  Every single time this comes up it is good enough to show a strong connection on 3G or 4G.

2) My precious, my MAC pro has hit a massive slow down on back ups rendering back ups useless (does about 300K an hour).  A quick disk utility check shows errors on hard disk and states a) you should run the repair which can only be done by CD boot up using a CD I no longer have and to back up the machine before this (which is impossible as the corruption is preventing back up).

What lucky event will I face next.


Blogger Alan said...

Next lucky event? Boat springs a leak, obviously.

3:09 pm  
Blogger So long and thanks for all the fish said...

Ha! Yes. Possibly. I am not sure that the 600 ton lightship counts as tech. If so I am happily waiting for the apple lightship which I assume will be slimmer, lighter and will integrate better with my iPad.

3:22 pm  

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