Wednesday, May 29, 2013

4G 3G 2G 0G

Sitting on the train today my frustration at connectivity peaked.  I was simply trying to register for one of the Land Rover forums to ask a few questions of the experts.  Sadly I rely upon one of these new EE 4G wireless gadgets.  When it works, it works great and I would not be without it.  But it has one unbelievably frustrating 'feature'.

The device allows one to connect to it via standard wireless network connection.  It is then connected to either 4,3,2G depending upon the situation.  The issue is that this hop clearly causes some issues.  It is itself a web server and has the admin pages accessed via a web page.  It has a useful signal strength (and type) home page.

The issue is this.  If you call a web page or submit a web form and it cannot service the request (loss of signal etc) the device responds back with its own web admin page.  When it does this and you hit the back button when signal returns (or worse it fails but shows full 3G signal quite often) your web form is blank and you have to start again.

The problem is so bad that when writing my blogs, before I hit submit I take a copy of the main text otherwise I lose the content if the submission fails.  But for forms (such as registration forms) this is not possible.  I suspect that by responding to a submission with a web page the browser assumes success.  I have no idea.  But it is deeply deeply frustrating.

I have now completed the forum registration 10 box form 3 times.  I give up.  Thanks EE. (Ctrl A, Ctrl C, Publish)

Update:  I hit submit and it did it again.  Up came the admin page showing full 3G signal.  Had to reload the whole blog site and start again.  Nice!


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