Friday, July 18, 2014

Einstein was wrong

Einsteins theories have been robust and well proven over time.  The man's insight into how the universe works was incredible.   But breaking experimental evidence has now shown that some of his theories may be wrong.

Yesterday around 18:00 the trains at the station were suffering from signal failures a the station.  No real explanation was given but a hint was provided in the form of the announcement that trains today (the next morning) would be impacted due to the hot weather.  Fair enough.

Last night there was an incredible storm.  Thunder and lightning.  This morning came the announcement that there are signalling issues at the station caused by the bad weather last night.

What more evidence do you require.  Effect: Signal failures yesterday at the station.  Cause: storms last night.

Sorry Einstein.  You were wrong all along.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very clever. Thanks for posting.

9:57 pm  

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