Thursday, May 30, 2013

Land Rover news

The new series 3 is performing well.  The mini roundabouts of Kent are proving a challenge as Otly has the turning circle of a routemaster bus and no power steering so at slow speeds the steering  makes for a great workout.

I have found a local garage that is a Land Rover specialist and so when better times emerge I will take it down for a checkover and some work.  I am no mechanic but I can guess that the two points where the body work is connected to the chassis are important.  And so the lack of connection due to rust is probably important too.  It past an MOT!!  Hmm.

Anyway, there are various bits that need doing and so I am looking forward to getting greasy again and doing some DIY.  There are a few holes (welding) that will need sorting.  That can wait til the garage.  But the door lock needs sorting (I have a spare) and I need to tidy some of the wiring which falls out of various places when I hit a serious bump.

In some respects I am scared to look but I think it better to know about problems than not.  I suspect the exhaust may be blowing too.  Hard to tell as I have no frame of reference with which to judge what noise it should be making.

The oil pressure gauge is not working (should be easy to solve) and there are various other bits and bobs that need addressing.  Oil of course plays a major part in a Land Rover's life.  As fast as you put it in, it tries to get rid of it.  I need to remember the age of the car and that in the good old days they really did need to be maintained.

The really good news is that the village I currently reside in has its own motor factors shop (strange as there are only 5 shops in the village).  But hey ho, looks like I will be getting to know them well.


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