Sunday, August 23, 2009

The prize for the worlds worst weather forecast.

It must go to Radio 4 this week.

"The weather in some places will be sunny, and others will have showers"

Very useful.

A close runner up to the BBC some years ago who, as the web started to emerge (, used to say less and less about the future weather and just state what the weather WAS and refer to their site for forecasts. On several occasions their description of the day's weather was wrong.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I have never been to such a binary city as Amsterdam. The city is architecturally beautiful with the canals and the houses. In fact one of the more picturesque cities I have been to. But the other side is as grotesque as the city is beautiful. With such liberal views comes a complete lack of restraint. A misunderstanding of liberalism comes to the surface in Amsterdam. People who believe that liberal tolerance and freedom means anything goes, any behavior regardless of its effects on others arrive in their droves.

The policy on drugs does not mean it has to be flaunted in the public eye. Its ok to smoke pot and their are 'coffee houses' where people can go. It is controlled and their is safety advice (and in fact they advise you not to smoke it if you have never experienced it or it will make you sick). It is mostly done in private and somewhat tastefully. But not for the visitors who think anything goes. The same goes for alcohol. The streets are full of stag events. Not just one or two, but full. Drunk, pissing in the streets, throwing up everywhere stag events. The hen groups were not much better.

A wonderful city brought to its knees by abuses of the very freedoms and tolerance that the Dutch nation prides itself on.